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On this page you will find information about the sires to our foals. Please see the stallion owners websites for more information. 

 Owner Website :  http://www.friesiansnaturally.com/Andric-de-Careve.html

Andric was the highest scoring colt at his keuring, awarded 2nd premie. He throws beautiful heads and powerful gaits, especially the trot and LOTS of HAIR. His foals are 
very trainable and gentle. Andric was sired by Teade 392. Teade 392, standing at Iron Springs Farm, is known for his kind-nature and long, thick hair. As a dressage horse, Teade successfully showed through Fourth Level, and earned the Sport predicate. Teade is also a highly sought after sire. He is Approved on offspring and and has sired numerous 1st Premies and keuring champions, as well as the Approved stallion Sipke 450.

Andric de Careve

Jente fan Donia-Hiem

Owner Website :  http://dalostofarms.com/portfolio-items/jente-fan-donia-hiem/?portfolioCats=6

Jente is a ster stallion, more Baroque style conformation with a sweet disposition, he was imported from the Netherlands and he rides and drives. He made it to the 70 day testing for approved stallions. He did not make approved but was close. His sire, Uldrik 457 was a prolific stallion known for passing on his racial type, strong trot, and impeccable disposition. Uldrik 457 was the overall Stallion Show champion in 2010 and 2011 and reserve champion in 2012. He had the highest combined overall point total for his stallion testing. Throughout his career as a breeding stallion, Uldrik produced a number of quality horses which is underlined by his 51% ster mare percentage and memorable contributions of racial type to his offspring in which he is still one of the highest rated stallions with a breeding value of 113.

Video    - Under the video there are links to different 
stallions, click on his link 282 - Jente fan Donia-Hiem
 (Uldrik 457 x Onne 376)

Keimpe van de Demro 

Owner Website : http://dalostofarms.com/portfolio-items/keimpe-van-de-demro-stables/?portfolioCats=6

Keimpe is a ster stallion imported from the Netherlands, he rides and drives. Keimpe's sire, Dries 421, was arguably  the best Friesian Breeding Stallion in the World. He had the highest index scores for his offspring of 108 for conformation and 109 for sport.  His quality breeding is seen in his son, the two times World Champion approved stud stallion Uldrik 457. Dries’ sire, Jasper 366 is very well known in Friesian circles for his spectacular movement and was famously named the "King of Stallions" for his amazing show ability. 

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Andric de Careve
Keimpe van de Demo 
Jente fan Donia-Hiem

Owner Website :  https://www.dragonsgatebrewery.com/oberon

Oberon is a ster stallion, he was imported from the Netherlands and he has an abundant amount of hair - his mane touches the ground. He is registered with KFPS as 'Grytzen v.d. Oostkade'. (Reinder 452 Sport x Olof 315). Oberon advanced to the 2nd viewing at the stallion show in Leeuwarden. He placed 4th in the US & Canada for his ridden IBOP test in 2017. Oberon is currently in dressage training with Albert Gesierich & Tony Jackson~ Former head trainers of the Royal Lipizzaner stallions.

Video https://www.facebook.com/OberonSterFriesianStallion/videos/719377468695204